Frank Green Original Smart Bottle 25oz/740ml- Various Colours


We couldn’t find a water bottle that ticked all our boxes, so we invented one! The 25oz Original SmartBottle combines award winning design and innovative technology to keep you hydrated and feeling good all day.

When you purchase your SmartBottle you’ll also get access to the bonus, exclusive frank green Hydrate app, which allows you to set personalised hydration goals and send customised reminders to your smart phone.

Personalised profile
Suggested daily intake based on your lifestyle factors

Customise when you would like to be reminded – this will keep you on track with your hydration goals.

Easy to use
No manual input required – android users can tap their SmartBottle lid to record hydration

Calculates savings
Keep track of plastic bottles saved from landfill and savings fro using your SmartBottle

Daily and weekly hydration summary of your achievements in one easy to read graph

“quick facts” to help you remind your friends on the devastating impact