Whether a professional cook or someone who just likes to potter in the kitchen to entertaining One One Six has brought together a collection of kitchenwares,entertaining wares along with Kitchen Cleaners from Eco Friendly Brands like Bondi Wash,Planet Luxe & Redecker you will love!

An entertaining & Homewares range called MarmosetFound has a beautiful stylish and functional range of entertaining & dining wares, whether its for sharing with family or friends it makes any home & dining table look inviting.
You can also keep your Kitchen’s clean by using our Eco friendly brands available Online & in store. Prepare vegetables and more with our range of Redecker brushes. The quality and workmanship of a Redecker brush is second-to-none.

Shop our kitchenware online at One One Six. For yourself or as a gift for someone special, you will love your purchase Homewares from One One Six Giftware