Winter is over, now lets fix that winter skin

October 31, 2015

Winter is over so its times to fix that dry, dehydrated skin of yours and we’ve got plenty on offer to help replenish your winter skin.

One of our absolute favourites is the aromatherapy range, including: aromatherapy kitchen, aromatherapy garden, aromatherapy feet and of course the aromatherapy therapy range. The mix of some of the best natural essential oils makes this one of the best for fixing up that parched skin.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 5.16.08 pm

Babe, it’s time to scrub up. Rid yourself of the flakey patches with one of the BABE Scrub Blends, Jump into the shower or the bath and get scrubbing whether it’s with Himalayam Pink Salt Scrub, Green Tea Scrub or the Coffee Scrub you’ll be loving your glowing and even toned skin.

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Bar & Co and its number one blend of fine shea butter, aloe, cucumber and green tea is just what our dry winter skin needs to replenish all that moisture to make your skin nice and supple again.

Last but not least, the newest edition to the One One Six skin care family is Urban Ritual. It’s 100% natural with its essential oil blend that make it rich in vitamins, antioxidant and nutrients that nourish and promote skin renewal. Even better it’s all made here in Australia.

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So it’s time to ramp up the skin care regime and get a bit of moisture back in your life.