Finding the Perfect Bag

January 31, 2016

A lot of thought goes into finding the perfect bag, one that is functional yet stylish whilst being affordable.

Everyone is after something different in a handbag, so that is why we have built up a range of different styles and brands to choose from.

For those who like a small, cross body bag that also seconds as a clutch, the Elm’s and King Bowery Wallet is the bag for you. It is the perfect size for all the necessities with out being too big or bulky and it even has credit card spots to add to its convenience.

If you are after a more structured bag then the Arlington Milne, Eva bag in large offers a beautiful shape with plenty of room for all those bits and pieces we like to take around with us. It comes in suede and a range of different colours, so its easy to find the one that suits you best.

For a leather bag, you can’t go past Status Anxiety, their range of soft leather bags are perfect for everyday relaxed style, with amazing quality, they’ll last you for years.

So if you are looking for a new bag think about what is most important to you, and if you ever need a helping hand drop into our store in Blackburn, Melbourne where we’ve got some of the best bag experts ready to share their advice.