British, born and raised in Ireland, Tizzie started her Save Our Sleep® (SOS) business in the UK in 1996, after years of extensive research and development into her routines and articles. She moved to Melbourne in 2002 and has continued the success of her infant sleep solutions business.

In ten years of operation, SOS has helped thousands of babies and children of all ages to sleep through the night, every night. By shedding light on baby sleep patterns, Tizzie is able to put parents at ease about their baby’s behaviour. She arms them with the knowledge they need to assist their baby’s development.

Her program focuses on teaching parents to identify issues that are affecting their baby’s sleep, to interpret their baby’s cries and to deal with the inevitable sleep problems when they do arise. Consequently, it gives parents back their own sleep

Tizzie’s key to success revolves around working with parents and babies in their own homes. Every baby is assessed and treated individually in its own environment and a tailored sleep plan is developed. This is complemented by ongoing support and a guarantee of rapid results with dramatic changes for the better.

Tizzie’ s SOS offers a complete service to allay a large range of parenting concerns. In addition to sleep solutions, Tizzie is an experienced consultant in positive discipline methods, dietary and home environmental consulting, potty training and toilet training. She can also supervise or develop programs to get children on and off bottle-feeding or to eliminate dummy dependency and thumb-sucking.